Paul Shorey  |  Web App + API  Developer

Hi!  👋 I've been coding since 2008. Enjoy creating something from nothing, collaborating with people, designing and developing software. Let's build something together!

  Here's a timeline of my past works...

2020 - Micro-SaaS apps and APIs: - The best domain name suggestions. App and API. It doesn't just search, but actually generates new phrases using Natural Language Processing! Also check availability of 100s of names at a time. Load balanced cloud of 10 servers returns results x10 faster. The front-end is optimized to check only the results which are in view. API documentation: - Wrote some linguistic APIs and algorithms, for AI, writing, or search applications. Compiled and edited a thesaurus of 300,000+ words. Find the root-word, parts-of-speech, sentiment analysis, abbreviations, contractions, singular/plural, etc. Get synonyms and related words, organized by sentiment. Word-breaking, tokenization, lemmatization and spellcheck on text inputs without spaces.

npm 📦colorful-console-logger
For NodeJS terminal. No dependencies. No setup required. Easily integrate with Cloud logging (LogDNA, etc). Visually group similar types of logs in the terminal. Show a concise file/line trace for each message - so you can actually find where it's originating without looking through the entire codebase.

npm 📦@twodashes/universal
Started a universal JavaScript utility library like lodash. For data manipulation, filtering, sorting, text-analysis, requests, promises, error handling. Also @twodashes/browser for platform-specific functions like AJAX, URL, resolution, etc.

npm 📦horizontal_carousel
Image carousels you see here. Made because I could not find any script out there which would easily support variable-width content. No dependencies. Import as a React/app module or from CDN for website.

🦟⚡ Browser extension to close annoying popups, cookie/terms consent banners, floating advertisements, newsletter promotions, etc. Works reliably without breaking the page, unlike others I've tried. Does not trigger news sites' ad-blocker blocker. Finally, browse in peace. Try it.

DogsDB - NextJS React starter codebase. Server-side generated routes. Content from API endpints, but pulled on the server-side. Loads instantly like in a traditional PHP/Ruby website, but has all the capabilities of an app. Trying out some new front-end techniques. Uses Jest and Puppeteer to do functional testing. Check out the Next upgrade would be to use Cypress + Percy for visual regression testing.

CocktailsDB - another NextJS React starter codebase. Uses alaSQL to run a database in the front-end on the browser, for fast sorting/filtering. Uses experimental React bound components, custom select.

Create thumbnail images in all folders, recursively, using Node.js. Quick custom script for the CLI. Screenshot shows an interesting programming issue, and how I solved it. More NodeJS code samples above under

Minesweeper game uses a JavaScript Class to store the game state. React.js to visualize and interact with the user.

Research portal - An experiment. React app. Search using Regular Expressions. Job ad aggregator. Can be adapted to any other type of content like news, events, legal articles.

Worked at an AI agency building automation tools and analytics dashboards for enterprise clients, especially for oil and gas industry. We built browser-based apps which queried/manipulated/rendered a lot of data in real time.

Worked with brilliant CS majors, built admin dashboards and data visualizations. Worked a lot with React.JS, Vanilla JS, and D3 based graphing libraries. We built custom tools from scratch. Also used Vue.js and Angular 8. I was tasked with improving the UI of our software products, then adding features to meet tight deadlines. It was important to communicate efficiently and architect each app for easy refactoring in the future.

Designed and developed a new admin dashboard for Luxul brand electronic devices, using React, Redux, Webpack, Material-UI, and JSON-RPC. Designed mobile-first responsive UI. Developed open source own Material-UI form framework with state management and validation.

2016 - All Events .NYC

Responsive AngularJS web app, made with Ionic, to work as a standalone iPhone and Android app too. An experiment in content curation and aggregation. NodeJS / PhantomJS bot constantly crawls the web, updating events in the database. After a busy workday, see what's going on in town. This crawling system and user interface can very quickly be adapted to any type of content or niche.

Very cool live-video social network. Worked on an Agile team to constantly build new features and optimize the existing codebase, using the latest technology.
AngularJS, Gulp, WebSockets (, custom streaming video player using HTML5, CSS3 fullscreen, animations, internationalization, etc.

2014 - Angular CMS

Learning AngularJS, wanted to see what I can do, came up with an "angular" design for a custom content management system. Triangle shapes pointing from the top menu (dark blue), to the content menu (blue), to the content form (light blue). Great practice fitting a lot of functinality into a simple app.

2014 - Carte Blanche Jazz Band

Fun website to promote a very cool band. An illustrator painted and scanned all these graphics. I made them dance on the screen.

2014 - Shien Cosmetics

Custom designed Shopify e-commerce theme. Responsive, of course. »

2014 - Photo gallery

A proof-of-concept for an embeddable photography micro-app. Use the mouse or keyboard to browse categories and pictures.

Served as lead developer at this enterprise movie news site, until they closed the NYC office. Many people relied on it for movie and industry news. It later evolved to be more strictly mini-sites and marketing sites for individual feature films. I've made sites and apps for films like Moonrise Kingdom, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Coraline, and Boxtrolls. »

Google TV was supposed to be the next big thing: a smart TV that searched content from all over the web, and had channels like Roku and Samsung do. I developed a prototype for a Tv channel. It runs in a modified the Chrome browser, as most other Google inventions. But the user would only have the arrow keys, "enter" and "esc" to navigate it. »

2008 - User Friendly CMS

Before Wordpress re-designed their UI in 2009, it was difficult to use, though not as difficult as Joomla/Droopal/Typo3. Back then it was an tedious work for independent website owners to manage their site using a full featured CMS. I designed and developed this "easy" CMS for my clients. Made with PHP/MySQL on the backend and jQuery UI on the front. It is built into the site itself. It uses custom html tags that lay dormant until the user signs in. Since then, most of my clients migrated to SquareSpace and Shoppify. But, the CMS and demo site are still running.

2009 - Early websites

Back in 2008/2009 I made sites for some artists and small businesses, while finishing College. Used my own DIY PHP CMS platform, the UserFriendlyCMS described in the previous post. All sites I made early on have now been replaced by SquareSpace, Shopify, or Wix.

Thank you for scrolling down so far! Fun easter-egg for you - here is one of the very first websites I created, in 2005, while in high-school, to showcase my mommy's artworks and mural paintings: Lana's Gallery