Hi!  👋 I've been coding since 2008. Enjoy creating something from nothing, collaborating with people, designing and developing software. Let's build something together!

2021 - Making sites and apps to make the world a better place, at: Spiral Financial

2020 - Built text-analysis apps and APIs:

Besta.domains - The best domain name suggestions. App and API. It doesn't just search, but actually generates new phrases using Natural Language Processing! Also check availability of 100s of names at a time. Load balanced cloud of 10 servers returns results x10 faster. The front-end is optimized to check only the results which are in view. API documentation: besta.domains/api.

Wordio.co - Wrote some linguistic APIs and algorithms, for AI, writing, or search applications. Compiled and edited a thesaurus of 300,000+ words. Find the root-word, parts-of-speech, sentiment analysis, abbreviations, contractions, singular/plural, etc. Get synonyms and related words, organized by sentiment. Word-breaking, tokenization, lemmatization and spellcheck on text inputs without spaces.