Try editing this site using a DEMO account on this cloned domain. Then, check out some code samples...

1) Add multiple posts to select multiple images, which are resized in the browser BEFORE upload using Javascript, with results as good as Photoshop.

2) These images are then watermarked on the server, by a PHP script which looks at the brightness and contrast of the image and adjusts the watermark accordingly.

3) Directive for syncronizing row vs title form value

Angular CMS

Featuring a clean modern UI, and minimalist but functional elements and scripts.

An experiment to see if the famed Angular JS can power a full-featured CMS. It's been a difficult technology to learn, but having mastered it, the sky is the limit. With more development hours, this can become a leading content management solution for small to medium size ventures. 

But more exciting is at its core this is a front-end framework and a crud application that can be copied and changed to make any app possible.

Edit a demo version of this very site. See how easy it is to upload multiple images, search through results, change options, etc. It's live and functional, so feel free to play around then view the site. Many of the most impressive angularJS effects have been tested but disabled, but use the demo for more subtle functions. For example if your session runs out, the page freezes and asks for your credentials, after which it is not refreshed, just unfrozen, so you never loose any work.

Responsive UI Design

Minimal and efficient UI design, with custom icons and a responsive, always full-screen layout to maximize the viewing area for each photo. 

Combines the effectiveness of a regular site with the detail of a full-screen slideshow. Use arrow keys or swipe gestures to zoom in/out, show/hide controls, and advance the gallery.

Interactive Web Design

Fun site for a really cool jazz band, playing many shows here in NYC. Resize the browser and the stage will still look good. Click the lead singer to make them move.

Official Film Sites

Since 2009 I've worked on developing a website for each of the Focus Features feature films, and also some other projects, like Africa First awards and the editorial site. They first started out each having their own site. Then I've developed and integrated a modular site publishing framework which allowed us to use one template and folder structure for each new film. It's easy to include different modules which have similar markup and often can adapt styles from a similar module, so that the site can be grown, from pre-release to feature to dvd status, with minimal effort.

Focus Features

Learned a lot, and not just about technology, as the lead developer at Focus Features. Great small team, run as a creative agency instead of an in-house department. Wedged between the interactive director and the server/database/cms group, I took creative assets from the marketing department, and worked with the editorial team to translate them into live interactive web templates.

Of course we maintained a site for each new film, but just as importantly, ran a big and interesting editorial site about the people in film, industry trends, and behind the scenes. I managed the front end templates for all our operations, while creating new prototypes, slide shows, a video player, responsive pages, and mobile versions of each page.

Google TV

This was an exciting prototype that unfortunately wasn't picked up. The Google TV sets used a Chrome operating system and hoped to integrate the tv and web search experience. So, this is disabled on browsers other than Chrome. Still, I think we did a great job with the interface. Browse the site with only a few keyboard buttons, pretending you're using a tv remote. This was in 2010, after which this method of navigation became more common as websites realized people may soon be browsing from their smart tvs.

jQuery vs AngularJS

Just about everyone uses jQuery. Before it came out, the web was filled with ugly static sites. jQuery revolutionized user interfaces. AngularJS, and the other client-side MVC libraries like Backbone, are now revolutionizing user interface development again to create not only beautiful sites and applications, but interactive ones, which react in real time, as in, faster than Ajax.

My new AngularCMS project has been my sandbox to test, develop and perfect new real-time data manipulation, translation, validation, upload, and navigation techniques.

HTML5 & Multimedia

Image uploads are batch-edited for user experience and quality.

First, select many full-size (in this case 36mp) photos with the manager's upload tool. They are all then resized in the browser to make what would have been an hour long upload process quick and painless, also saving bandwidth. Unlike most browser resize jobs, these end up as good as from Photoshop.* They are then watermarked using user-defined message and styles. The unique script looks at the brightness and contrast of the corner of each image, and adjusts the watermark brightness and contrast accordingly. Finally, the hosted image can be sized to each template's specifications, saving even more bandwidth.

CMS Platforms

Have worked with projects involving: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and a custom solution based on Movable Type.

UI Design

Worked at Cross Commerce Media in NYC, with designers in New Zealand, creating the user interface for a new marketing ad asset management portal, using jQuery UI.

Freelance Web Design
HTML5 Video

For the mobile site, we needed to play the library of videos. Unfortunately, neither Youtube or Floplayer or our current flash alternative was perfect. The video had to be viewed on a page, then clicked to play, then clicked again to confirm play or enter fullscreen. I developed an HTML5 alternative that started from a fullscreen hidden popup which reduced user effort on both iPhone and Android.


Currently writing in PHP, OOP of course. Experience with Zend and Kohana MVC, as well as several CMS platforms, and a custom suite of helper classes, functions, and debugging tools. Love how easy and second nature it now feels. Don't love how there's always a nagging feeling I could be getting more done and making more money with the structure and more control of Java.

3rd Party API's

Have integrated 3rd party content into sites and other projects. Have set up interface to authenticate with, read, and write content to Youtube, Vimeo and Tumblr. Of course have used the Open Graph API and Facebook.


Back in 2009, Wordpress was very limiting and clunky, but it was still the most user-friendly cms available for personal and small business sites. I set out to make something better, content management tools integrated into the client's site.

Social News Experiment

2008... A prototype for a community-driven news aggregator in the style of a printed newspaper. Relies on RSS feeds.

NodeJS & MondoDB

These guys, Yo, Bower, and Grunt are great! I have set up my own NodeJS server with cloud-hosted MondoDB and a Git repository, just to preview how easy it is to manage an app from the command line, and I of course liked it a lot! Unfortunately, I was already learning Angular, and was comfortable with my Apache/PHP workflow so will have to take on a NodeJS project next.

Latest Technologies

& Techniques!

Coming soon, more exciting developments as soon as they are tested and ready for a demo.





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