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Currently working at Beyond Limits

2016-2017 - Luxul
Designed and developed a new admin dashboard for Luxul brand electronic devices, using React, Redux, Webpack, Material-UI, and JSON-RPC. Designed mobile-first responsive UI. Developed open source own Material-UI form framework with state management and validation: mui-form NPM/Yarn package
2016 - All Events .NYC
Responsive AngularJS web app, made with Ionic, to work as a standalone iPhone and Android app too. An experiment in content curation and aggregation. NodeJS / PhantomJS bot constantly crawls the web, updating events in the database. After a busy workday, see what's going on in town. This crawling system and user interface can very quickly be adapted to any type of content or niche.
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Open to full-time work, contracts, partners...

I just want to create cool things. Come from an art background, but really like tech. Enjoy meeting and working with new people. Lets get together and talk code, business, life...

Here is a beautiful portrait of my face in case you wanted to see it. Unfortunately, I do not have a LinkedIn. I do have a Facebook but it is filled with silly pictures. Follow me on Instagram @paul.shorey More info and projects coming soon!

Besides programming, I enjoy creating other things - like electronics, product design, hydroponic greens (like salad and basil), and fine art. Also am an adventure sports junkie ~ enjoying hang gliding, skiing, and hiking/climbing.